Remotely manage forest areas with precision

Reduce losses and maximize your production gains with analysis of the most important metrics on fire risk, forest health, soil mapping, strategic prospecting of new areas, and monitoring of harvesting or deforestation.


Quiron remotely monitors over 20 million hectares of forests in various countries, with high-reliability data obtained from satellites

Our technical team, with over 20 years of experience, combines knowledge in geodetic sciences and forest engineering to understand the specificities of each observed area.

Wildfire prediction

Monitoring of pests and diseases

Productivity increase

Accurate data for decision make


Prevent fires before the first sign of smoke and have access to a dynamic fire prediction platform to monitor risks on a daily basis! Identify specific locations that may have a fire occurrence up to 10 days in advance for on-site preventive actions, with georeferenced indication of critical points and high-resolution images.

Forest analysis for planning, discovery, and strategic prospecting of new areas, generating business opportunities and forestry indicators for more assertive decision making, 100% remotely.

Track forest health and integrity, with access to analyses of vitality loss and links to possible pests or associated diseases. Increase silviculture efficiency and avoid damage to plantations with detailed information about planted areas.

Perform land use and land cover mapping, as well as harvest or deforestation monitoring in monthly reports, with alerts issued for any disturbance or non-compliance in land use. The Mapper also recognizes retroactive modifications in land use for access to certifications.

Identify threats before they destroy your forests!


Commercial partnerships

If you are a professional in areas related to remote sensing, artificial intelligence, satellites, digital forest management, and software development, join our talent pool!