Artificial intelligence through satellite data

We predict fires, monitor forest health, do soil mapping, strategically prospect new areas and monitor harvesting or deforestation. We decrease losses and increase gains with predictive analystics.


Satellite data generates information around the world, in real time, to fight the most varied threats.

We generate highly reliable data based on over 20 years experience from our technical team. We have doctors and masters in geodetic sciences and forestry engineering.

We operate in several countries with analysis of the particularities of each location, through satellite constellations and nano satellites.

Wildfire prediction

Monitoring of pests and diseases

Productivity increase

Information for decision-making

We decode the environment through our algorithms, transforming orbital data into results for the forestry segment.

End threats before they end your forests.


Wildfire prediction, with weekly danger analysis, using models that considers 12 variables, delivering estimates for seven consecutive days, with a sensitivity of up to 10 meters os resolution.

Forest analysis for planning, discovery, and strategic prospecting of new areas, generating business opportunities and forestry indicators for more assertive decision making, 100% remotely.

Monitoring of forest health, achieving greater efficiency in management with identification through periodical analyses, precociously anticipating eventual damages in the plantation.

Mapping of land use and cover, ind addition to monitoring harvesting or deforestation, with the sharing of monthly reports on the monitored area, including alerts ofr any reduction detected in the area under surveillance.


Commercial partnerships

We develop state-of-the-art algorithms for the forestry segment. Join our team!